The best brake pump for off road market without a doubt!
Also you have 12 different configuration options to adapt the braking to your tastes and needs.
It has two unbreakable levers to choose and they are absolutely interchangeable, one short for use with 2 fingers and a slightly longer for use with 3 fingers, in no case are as long as the standard with lengths that are only worth to break into the falls .
You have six interchangeable cartridges to choose from our range between 9mm and 14 mm for the front brake you aconsajamos measures between 9 and 12 mm larger smaller better feel and more power
Deposit finned to increase cooling.
Separation between the liquid and the environment by piston, so that there is no air in contact with the liquid and can not be descebar when the bike is not horizontally.
It has full cap for easy handlebar rotation of the pump in case of fall irompibles handles besides WITH WHAT WE AVOID THE FAULT OF OUR SPORTS pricipal, HANDLES BREAK.


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